• Torin

Prepare Yourself In Trying Times


A lot of people have been asking about what to do to prepare themselves given current health concerns. Let’s assume washing our hands is just an obvious one at this point. Moving forward, it’s a good practice in general, if anyone is just hearing of it; I highly recommend it.

  1. Let’s not forget that the PRIMARY contagion in all of this is fear!

We don’t want to fall victim to the mob mentality that empties shelves and encourages fearmongering.

Get off social media.UNPLUG!

For your convenience, here’s a list of what you’ll miss out on during this time if you are successful in this endeavor:

                a. People talking about politics

                b. People talking about COVID

                c. Memes about politics and/or COVID and/or toilet paper

Please return to this list as often as you need to during this time if you are experiencing the horizontal condition known as FOMO (fear of missing out).