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Prepare Yourself In Trying Times


A lot of people have been asking about what to do to prepare themselves given current health concerns. Let’s assume washing our hands is just an obvious one at this point. Moving forward, it’s a good practice in general, if anyone is just hearing of it; I highly recommend it.

  1. Let’s not forget that the PRIMARY contagion in all of this is fear!

We don’t want to fall victim to the mob mentality that empties shelves and encourages fearmongering.

Get off social media.UNPLUG!

For your convenience, here’s a list of what you’ll miss out on during this time if you are successful in this endeavor:

                a. People talking about politics

                b. People talking about COVID

                c. Memes about politics and/or COVID and/or toilet paper

Please return to this list as often as you need to during this time if you are experiencing the horizontal condition known as FOMO (fear of missing out).

I realize the irony of my saying this as I’ve just sent you this message in the form of an email…but hopefully you know what I mean!

Seriously though, this is an ideal time to “reset,” and re-examine our routine and daily being. This is a time for being meditative, and introspective.It’s an excellent time to pick up a book, catch up on that thing, reach out to that person, tell someone you love them, exercise at home, you know…daily life!

  1. If you can be out in nature (even a park or backyard)…do! The next best thing is to put some essential oils into a diffuser (or just smell them in the bottle if you like saving money and the environment)! You might even have something like Eucalyptus, or Tea Tree on hand already.

If you’re showing symptoms, do it as an herbal steam!

Still reading? Of course you are, because what else are you going to do now, right?!

This is not something we should just dismiss or take too lightly, just encouraging you all to live lightly. There is a legitimate concern. This is going to happen, folks.

Personally, I find there’s a strange sense of calm in that though, in accepting it’s not an IF scenario, but a WHEN. That way rather than worrying, we can just get to work on solutions!

When you do find yourself stuck indoors, make it as fun as you can. You’ve probably all seen the videos of the Italians singing together from their windows and balconies, during quarantine. What a beautiful thing to see them coming together and strengthening each other through community! Time to follow that example and help each other by communing with each other. Rather than killing time on social media, utilize this time to truly connect. Be the person you really are. Help each other, I promise it’ll improve your life one way or another.

  1. The best thing to do is to be prepared.

I can’t tell you how many times I have people ask me: “what herbs can I take for a cold?”

I ask what herbs they have.

They say none.

Don’t be this person. Stock your home apothecary!

Otherwise…we go to the fridge. Herbs are plants (mostly). Plants are food (mostly). Food is medicine. The question is do you have the right medicine on hand? Maybe you already do and you didn’t even know.

The number one thingI’ve been suggesting that everyone have on hand is garlic.

Garlic is a superb antiviral and antimicrobial. Have it fresh for optimal effect. Get creative with it. If things are hitting the fan, crush a clove of it, let it sit 15 minutes, and then have it in a spoonful of honey, or oil, or something like that. Yes, you are going to stink like garlic. Personally, I choose that over being sick, and I hope you will too!

Ginger is virtually a panacea. Have it fresh (or dried if that’s what you have) as a tea preventatively. If you’re sick, have it stronger and more often. No need to peel it!

There are certainly more common things such as Elderberry, but I’m already seeing that disappearing from mob mentality at work…and now there is no more Elderberry widely available…unless, you know, you got a guy. ;)

Other great choices (that are good for most people, and widely available!) :

Astragalus is an adaptogen which keeps our shields up and fortifies the Wei Qi (and is also great for the lungs).

Lemon Balm is an antiviral, as well as being calming, and mood lifting…which come in handy right now, don’t you think? Tincture or tea is totally fine.

Echinacea is a veteran cold fighter and immune booster. Take it preventatively during such a time as this, and higher doses if you’re not feeling well. Tincture (not a tea).

Licorice and Saint John’s Wort are also great choices if you have confirmed with you herbalist, that they’re right for you!


Consider stocking up on foods that keep longer outside of the fridge, (i.e. squashes/pumpkins, and root vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, beets, turnips, etc.) again, so as not to go out when you’re sick (because that’s awful!). This helps to ensure fresh nutrition which serves to supplement common pantry foods. Consider growing sprouts as another means of having fresh nutrition in constant supply! It is remarkably easy and economical.

If you’re interested, ask me about an excellent curried onion recipe we cooked up, which combines ginger, garlic, onion, and jalapeños into one delicious (and cold fighting!) medicinal condiment!


Cooties can be teachers!

This experience can teach us a lot about what is or isn’t working with our society. Think about it! How can you help manifest a better existence for all beings? Remember too, that’s what social distancing is really about. Let’s consider more than just our own health, but the health of all beings.

Feel free to forward this email to friends/coworkers/loved ones if you think they would be interested.



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