• Torin

Mystery Mother

Updated: Mar 26, 2020


I stumbled upon the following letter just the other day marked ‘URGENT,’ from a seemingly upset mother that I felt compelled to share. Although the author is unknown, I find it interesting that she is writing this message now, amidst all of this global chaos that we currently find ourselves in, and I wanted to see what you thought about it.

She seems somehow familiar to me. I wanted to see if anyone out there knows whose mother this is, so that I can reach her for a reply!



My Darling Children, Each of you, with your differing beliefs, perspectives, and labels that you subscribe to make all of you so worthy of interest, fascination, and love. Although each of you deserve these things, I worry about your definitions of the word, ‘deserve.’ I know I raised you all to know that respect must be earned. I haven’t felt that from many of you for a long time though. So, I am writing you now, to tell you that I cannot continue to be here for you, if you continue with your current behavior.  I have always been here for you, even when others have let you down—waiting for you, when you need me. I always will be. It truly pains me to have to tell you this way, but your brothers and sisters and I feel you are not listening otherwise. How do I explain to you what I need to tell you, my family? How can I get you all to listen? Would you even be willing to? How do I get you all to hear your mother pleading with you—for your own sake? If you cannot put aside your differences and work towards a common goal, I cannot allow this to further divide the rest of our family, because with the exception of you, we are aligned. We want better for you. Otherwise, how is this relationship worthwhile