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Mystery Mother

Updated: Mar 25, 2020


I stumbled upon the following letter just the other day marked ‘URGENT,’ from a seemingly upset mother that I felt compelled to share. Although the author is unknown, I find it interesting that she is writing this message now, amidst all of this global chaos that we currently find ourselves in, and I wanted to see what you thought about it.

She seems somehow familiar to me. I wanted to see if anyone out there knows whose mother this is, so that I can reach her for a reply!



My Darling Children, Each of you, with your differing beliefs, perspectives, and labels that you subscribe to make all of you so worthy of interest, fascination, and love. Although each of you deserve these things, I worry about your definitions of the word, ‘deserve.’ I know I raised you all to know that respect must be earned. I haven’t felt that from many of you for a long time though. So, I am writing you now, to tell you that I cannot continue to be here for you, if you continue with your current behavior.  I have always been here for you, even when others have let you down—waiting for you, when you need me. I always will be. It truly pains me to have to tell you this way, but your brothers and sisters and I feel you are not listening otherwise. How do I explain to you what I need to tell you, my family? How can I get you all to listen? Would you even be willing to? How do I get you all to hear your mother pleading with you—for your own sake? If you cannot put aside your differences and work towards a common goal, I cannot allow this to further divide the rest of our family, because with the exception of you, we are aligned. We want better for you. Otherwise, how is this relationship worthwhile for your brothers, and sisters, and me? How do I make you see cause and effect—and that you are all responsible for each other’s actions? It is not becoming, nor is it productive for you to blame one another for your own actions. Are you not all members of the human race? It is time to take responsibility and be accountable as a species. How can I make you see the connection of the current mess you’re in, and your own actions? I suggest you take a minute and hear me now, or I will continue to remind you until you do, but I promise you will not like the way that goes for you. I miss the relationship we once had many years ago. Do you feel I have not been generous with what I have provided for you? I have tried to be flexible for you. I have given you everything you need already, but it seems to never satiate your desire for more. Nowadays, you take, and take, and rarely give back. Do you not breathe the air that comes from me? Is everything that you have ever smelled, seen, heard, tasted, or touched, not from me? The balance is missing in our relationship, my children. It is not like it used to be. I’m becoming exasperated. I want so badly to keep you here with me, but you do not even acknowledge your siblings and I. This hurts all of us very much, including you, whether or not you see that.  It upsets me to see you remain unquestioning. You question others, but rarely question yourself.   Your ingenuity, and technology give me continued admiration for you. Unfortunately though, it will not prepare you for what I have to convey to you. Remember that even the components of your technology themselves are a part of me. The materials that comprise it are borrowed. These materials are also my children and they respect me when I speak to them. It is a privilege that you are allowed to use them and they do not belong to you. If you do not respect them, I will take them back. You must always remember that if the things you are doing hurt your mother, they hurt you too, as you come from me! Even if you are unable to provide the data through your sciences to show this, the fact remains. Nothing will ever sever this bond that we have, my children. Perhaps in time, you will provide evidence to prove this to yourselves when your species is more mature. But for right now, you must heed my words in order to achieve that maturity. Or else, you may not get there at all. I will never ask for thanks, but I will always appreciate gratitude. Your siblings and I are watching, and waiting for you. I’m not trying to change you. I love you for who you are, but you’re better than this.  I simply want to meet you in the middle. Please teach me how to do so for your own good. Don’t worry about me because I will be fine. It’s you that I am worried about.      -Your First Mother

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