• Torin

Gnome News April 3, 2020

Topics in this post include:

  •  Introduction

  • Debunking the Elderberry myth

  • Making masks in the Gnome Home        

  • New Gnome Apothecary “Immunity 2020” formula                 

  • Torin is now offering Virtual Consultations


The last few weeks have made me think about words and phrases that we casually say to each other, out of politeness and/or habit, but perhaps forget the literal origins of, such as “Take care!” or “Bless you!”

Are you all starting to see this for yourselves now too?

We’re probably going to see the apex of this thing in the next two weeks, and (as much as I don’t want to be right about this) I expect we’re going to see a resurgence of cases this fall/winter, so be prepared. Better to be safe than sorry…literally.