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Ancestral healing knowledge is passed on in our bodies, hearts, and minds.


From a very young age, Torin, (our Lead Herbalist) was mixing “medicines” in his backyard; concocting little potions made from dirt…and plants like chamomile, clover, yarrow, and dandelion he used to find to play with. The smells and tastes of those herbs still take him back to those discovering memories of crushing up leaves as a child and memorizing their aromas to heart.

His father's love for growing plants, coupled with his mother’s love for the culinary arts, have helped hone him into the Clinical Herbalist he is today. As an introverted child who was passionate about nature, this compelled him to learn about the different plants of the wild through his own solo discovery. As soon as he was able, he began taking care of his own little garden.

He learned ‘old country’ tips and tricks from his grandmother; remedies that she suggested for things like belly aches or sore throats.

He began to experiment with culinary herbs in the kitchen from a young age, and later medicinal herbs, practicing on willing friends and family.


Later in life, Torin’s various occupational transitions always brought him back to the world of plants. Before he was a professional herbalist, he was a fulltime Private Gardener, and formerly a Horticulturist at Wave Hill gardens in NYC. Prior to that he worked in agricultural research for Cornell Cooperative Extension in upstate NY. After living abroad for a few years and endeavoring in various careers, he eventually realized he wanted to return to New York and concentrate on pursuing Medicinal Herbalism as a life’s work.


He studied contemporary and traditional herbalism full-time in NYC, absorbing as much information as he possibly could about Western, Eastern, Native American, and Ayurvedic methods. After his certification and the completion of his clinical program, he went on to study privately with Michael Tierra. He considers himself a forever student, as with herbs, like most things, there is always more to learn!

Torin is now a Clinical Herbal Practitioner, who sees clients in New York City, and the Hudson Valley.  He dreams of one day having his own beautiful farm, where he can grow from tiny seeds his own medicine for Gnome's herbal preparations.


Until that time, Gnome is most lucky to have dedicated friends (big and small) in the herbal community, who share with us their bounty of knowledge, and of course lovingly grown, organic, and local herbs. These herbs, as well as sustainable wildcrafting from surrounding woodlands, (and our woodland friends) comprise the synergy, and symbiotic energy that is Gnome Apothecary.  

Gnome was founded in 2016.

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